Four $25,000, one-year fellowships for early-career women scientists.

2015 L’Oréal Australia & New Zealand For Women in Science Fellowships applications are now closed.

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Read profiles of our 2014 Fellows below.

Dr Elena Tucker | Dr Vanessa Kellermann | Dr Cara Doherty

2014 - Dr Elena Tucker

Solving genetic disease mysteries

2014 - Dr Vanessa Kellermann

How flies can help us predict the future

2014 - Dr Cara Doherty

Clean water with crystals

2013 - Dr Misty Jenkins

When killing saves lives: our immune system at work

2013 - Dr Kathryn Holt

Tracking the spread of deadly diseases

2013 - Dr Joanne Whittaker

How Australia and India broke up -100 million years ago

2012 - Dr Suetonia Palmer

Giving patients more control of their lives

2012 - Dr Kylie Mason

New treatments for blood cancers

2012 - Dr Baohua Jia

More efficient solar cells with quantum dots

2011 - Tracy Ainsworth

The complex life of coral

2011 - Georgina Such

A smarter way to deliver drugs

2011 - Eve McDonald-Madden

Can we save the tiger with mathematics?

2010 - Rowena Martin

Fighting back against malaria

2010 - Marie-Liesse Asselin-Labat

How does breast cancer start?

2010 - Deanna D’Alessandro

Mopping up gases

2009 - Zenobia Jacobs

How did we get here?

2009 - Tamara Davis

On the hunt for dark energy

2009 - Marnie Blewitt

Reading the Genome

2008 - Natalie Borg

Crystallising a career in immunology

2008 - Erika Cretney

Unravelling the complexity of the immune system

2008 - Angela Moles

Big ecology: from tundra to rainforest, desert to savanna

2008 - Amanda Barnard

Are nanoparticles safe?

2007 - Sarah Pryke

Life and love amongst the finches

2007 - Jenny Gunton

Could Vitamin D have a role in diabetes?

2007 - Ilana Feain

School girls join study to understand black holes and the birth of stars

2007 - Catriona Bradshaw

New ways of looking at old diseases

Kat Holt maps superbug’s genome

23 June 2015

2013 L’Oréal Australia Fellow, and 2015 International Rising Star award winner Kat Holt recently helped map the genome of a superbug that had been turning up in hospitals in Victoria, and around the globe. Kat Holt and the team sequenced the genomes of over 300 strains of the Klebsiella pneumoniae bacteria to find out which genetic […]

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Marnie Blewitt unlocking the genetic secrets of muscular dystrophy

17 June 2015
Thumbnail image for Marnie Blewitt unlocking the genetic secrets of muscular dystrophy

In 2005 Marnie Blewitt discovered the “Smooch” gene, and since then she’s been trying to figure out how it works, and what role it plays in muscular dystrophy. The 2009 L’Oréal Australia For Women in Science Fellow recently published the results in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and she hopes the work will lead to […]

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Commercialisation award for Cathy Foley’s ore detection device

30 May 2015

L’Oréal For Women in Science jury member Cathy Foley and her CSIRO colleague Keith Leslie have taken home a Clunies Ross Award for their work on LANDTEM magnetic device for detecting ore fields. Their device is based on advanced superconducting technologies and has been responsible for the discovery of over $10billion in ore deposits. Cathy is […]

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Hunt for dark energy and a women in science award for Tamara Davis

28 May 2015
Thumbnail image for Hunt for dark energy and a women in science award for Tamara Davis

2009 L’Oréal Australia For Women in Science Fellow Tamara Davis uses astrophysics to test our fundamental laws of physics, and study the nature of dark energy and dark matter. She was also recently awarded the Nancy Mills Medal for Women in Science which recognises exceptional scientific leadership up to 15 years post- PhD. Here’s what […]

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Suetonia Palmer comparing kidney disease treatments

22 May 2015

The first definitive summary of the best and safest treatments for kidney disease and diabetes patients has been compiled by Christchurch doctor and researcher Associate Professor Suetonia Palmer. The 2012 L’Oréal Australia & New Zealand For Women in Science Fellow is over the moon medical journal ‘Lancet’ has published an article on her study in […]

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Margaret Brimble wins global chemistry award

21 May 2015

Congratulations to L’Oreal Laureate and For Women in Science jury member Margaret Brimble on winning a global chemistry award – being recognised once again as an outstanding achiever in her field. Here’s what the NZ Herald had to say about the win… Kiwi professor wins global chemistry award A leading New Zealand chemistry professor has scooped up […]

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Aussie win in Paris, and four Fellowships available for ANZ

19 March 2015

Posted on behalf of Samantha Hass (Head of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, L’Oréal Australia & New Zealand) Overnight the L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Awards ceremony recognised five outstanding research leaders and 15 promising young researchers. No local laureates this year but… I’m very pleased to congratulate our 2013 Fellow Kat Holt, who received a […]

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17th edition of the L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Awards

19 March 2015

Australian Fellow, Dr. Kathryn Holt wins International Science Award PARIS, MARCH 18th 2015. Last night in Paris, Dr Kathryn HOLT, Australian scientist along with 14 promising young researchers and 5 leading women scientists was honored by the L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Ceremony before an audience of key opinion leaders, from the worlds of science, […]

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Dr Kat Holt recieves International Rising Talent award in Paris

18 March 2015
Thumbnail image for Dr Kat Holt recieves International Rising Talent award in Paris

Dr Kat Holt is currently in Paris, where she was presented with a 2015 L’Oréal International Rising Talent award. Kat’s work ranges from typhoid, to hospital superbugs, to the role of bacteria in asthma.  She uses genomics, supercomputers and powerful analytical tools to track and understand the spread of bacteria. Since receiving a 2013 L’Oréal […]

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2015 applications are now open

6 March 2015

Applications are now open for the 2015 L’Oréal Australia & New Zealand For Women in Science Fellowships. The Fellowships are intended to help early-career female scientists consolidate their careers and rise to leadership positions in science. This year there are four Fellowships: Three $25,000 L’Oréal Australia For Women in Science Fellowships The inaugural $25,000 L’Oréal New […]

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